Live Shipment, Snake Plant, Fish Rights Transcend Fishing Rights



During the recent slowdown

of USPS mail 

there were more 'live shipment'

casualties on loading docks..

of animal females and males.


They died of such factors as thirst

or hunger... or of being smashed

in flimsy cardboard boxes


Some in their fur or feathered

coats baked to death in 100 to 120

degree heat.

Elsewhere, 6000 cows being shipped from New Zealand drowned

with 2 crew members in the East China Sea



Plants precious to my mother-in-law were
to me an oxymoron..things which could demand attention.
She left an unwanted house full of
them.. The dogs and cats tore some apart.
Some died of neglect. One was left.. year
after year she a dark corner with
occasional watering..and the tooth marks
of unwanted attention. She, a sansevieria, is also
known as mother-in-law's tongue or a snakeplant.


The 10th year... one morning...
upsurging from the center of her green swords
was a rod of slender white
bells eighteen inches high..
The sweetest fragrance
poured from them as
they silently rang
in mystical beauty,
enduring spirit.

She taught me that
she had feelings..
and rights
and resurrection power
in God's light.


to Ruth Shriver
Sansevieria can live 6 months in
the trunk of a car and still survive.
it is made of swordlike
long forest green leaves.. if they are not
getting enough light
they have a yellow fringe





Fighting over fishing waters has caused wars in the past.  Recently

the fight between the EU and UK over who controls fish murder was a factor in Brexit.
The Japanese stab dolphins with knives because they eat fish.
2 American senators want to kill sea lions because they eat salmon.
Canadian fishermen are behind the drive to club seals despite worldwide opposition.
Whales are murdered by Iceland Norway Japan partly because they eat fish.

PETA has written that the harm fishing nets, wires, hooks in the sea do to marine mammals, birds, fishes, and other sea beings is many times greater than the harm done by plastic straws.

There have been countless fights over fishing rights. But the fishes think there is no such right.

Fish are strangled Fish are asphyxiated

They are smashed  They are suffocated.



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