Concealed Deaths, Needles


Hunters hide in duck blinds

In underground secret

   labs, animals are tortured.

The murderhouses (slaughterhouses)

are unseen.

But publicly bullfights and rodeos


as on the voiceless and powerless

they inflict pain

in the Americas and in Spain


Footnote: a famous poem whose author is unknown


Unseen they suffer. Unheard they cry. In agony they linger. In loneliness they die."


On December 9, 2020, UK health officials warned those with allergies to vaccines, medicines
or foods not to take Pfizer's covid vaccine after 2 employees of the National Health Service had serious allergic reactions to the vaccine.
On December 10th, NPR reported that over half of all of
those who have received the vaccine in trial have experienced negative side effects. A very serious reaction is anaphylactoid shock. Both anaphylactic and
anaphylactoid shocks involve, says
    Feeling lightheaded or faint
    Breathing difficulties – such as fast, shallow    breathing
    A fast heartbeat
    Clammy skin
    Confusion and anxiety
    Collapsing or losing consciousness
 Another is Bell's Palsy which occurred in 4 vaccine recipients. Still other reactions have lasted days to a week and include fatigue, headaches, fever, chills, muscle pains.

On the same day, CNN reported pregnant women, teens 16 or under, and the immuno-suppressed should avoid the vaccine.

The Associated Press' second poll has the same figures as the first which was done in
April of 2020... that only half of Americans are willing to get the covid vaccine. Gallup reported the same figure in August.

The patent search site has exposed Tony Fauci's

4 covid 19 related patents.

1. There has been no oversight of Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca, or Johnson and Johnson, no independent peer review, no supervision. The data of the
profitmaking corporations is accepted without question.
2. There is no transparency. It is very difficult to find descriptions of the weeklong or
more side effects, the toxic ingredients list etc, though some physicians have warned that many
will not come for the 2nd dose after having the first.
3. There is no liability for the multinational drug companies. When vaccines cause deaths and injuries, it is not the drug companies but the citizens of the US whose taxes pay out the judgments in a special vaccine court. In addition, taxpayers subsidize the development of the vaccines but only vaccine corporations take the profits. They file patent requests to privatize profits for publicly funded development.
4. Pfizer in the past was fined 2.3 billion dollars by the Justice Department for fraud. It is the world's largest drug company and has recently gobbled up 3 more drug companies. The company has enormous power with the FDA, NIH, CDC and other government agencies.
5. Pfizer vaccines have killed people in Africa, Asia and elsewhere
6. Pfizer's misuse of eminent domain to evict longtime residents from oceanfront property in Connecticut was a travesty. Residents' homes and resident rights were bulldozed. To this day Pfizer has never used the property
Bill Gates in Africa and Asia has used alleged vaccines to sterilize people.
7. Pfizer has gotten beginning contracts of 100 million doses in the US and 800,000 in the UK. How many billions of dollars
in profit is this. Pfizer received 450 million dollars to develop the vaccine and received an additional 2 billion dollars in guaranteed vaccine purchases. Moderna 300 some million and has received an additional 432 million.
8. Pfizer's vaccine must be stored at 94 below zero. Many communities do not have the ability to freeze at these temperatures.There is increased risk in storage, transportation, and delivery system cold storage units.

There is more contamination risk when the vaccine is mixed after being taken out of cold storage. In addition, the vaccine must be administered within 6 hours after.

9. Moderna has ignored those who got Covid after receiving vaccination and is listing only deaths in their data.
10.There has not been enough timelapse to determine if these vaccines are either safe or effective.
11..The torture of animals in labs which precedes these vaccinations in some of the countries developing vaccines gives invalid results.
Rare are the instances of using nonviolent and more effect means of research.
12. There is concern that vaccines will be compulsory, in violation of the 1st amendment right to refuse medications. In New Jersey legislators have sought to make flu vaccines for every student. In New York Linda Rosenthal introduced a bill. She hopes to make the covid vaccine mandatory.

Virginia State Health Commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver told WRIC on Friday that he plans to mandate coronavirus vaccinations for Virginians once one is made available to the public. But in 20 states bills have been introduced to make exemptions from vaccination easier.

In the UK, PM Boris Johnson told Parliament there would be no compulsory vaccination, that that would violate British rights.
13. A price fixing case involving Pfizer
USA Today reports "There were more than 200 vaccine candidates under development as of last month, with 48 in clinical trials, according to the World Health Organization. Drug companies Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca have the leading vaccine candidates. Pfizer is collaborating with German company BioNTech, and AstraZeneca is collaborating with Oxford University."
15. Portuguese government acts re fatal flaws in Covid 19 tests
16. FDA warns of false positives in covid testing
17 Japan and France the 2 countries with strongest criticism of vaccine safety, with only 8% considering them safe.
Bell's Palsy, contortion of face muscles, is a side effect of several vaccines, including covid vaccine, according to many including Dr Jesse Goodman,a medical doctor on Glaxo Smith Kline's board, a former employee of FDA and current employee of Georgetown University Medical Hospital.

People from every political party are in some of the groups opposing compulsory vaccinations:

1. Vegans and vegetarians for both ethical and health reasons object to vaccine ingredients derived from the murder or imprisonment of cows, pigs, monkeys, chickens etc
2. Many Muslims who oppose the pig lard in vaccines
3. Hindus, 25% of whom are vegetarians and a majority of whom eat nothing derived from cow murder,
4. Orthodox Jews object to compulsory vaccines because of the many toxic animal ingredients from pigs and nonkosher sources contained in vaccines.
5. Some anti-abortionist Catholics and other groups object to vaccines containing ingredients from aborted human fetal tissue, some for ethical and others health reasons.
6. In addition, many immune challenged individuals object to vaccines.
7. Still others object to the violation of the right to refuse medications and of the individual's sovereignty over his or her own body by the denial of freedom of choice.
8. Another group are those who believe the pharmaceutical multinational companies develop vaccines unnecessarily for many diseases.
9. There are millions of Americans who believe vaccines are a health hazard because of
improper refrigeration, live viruses, contamination by laboratories, ingredients such
as aluminum compounds, monosodium glutamate, etc.
10. Yet another group believe that vaccine development is being done at an unsafe speed with very little testing. 11. Many soldiers object to compulsory vaccines. In 2003 a federal judge ordered the Pentagon to stop making anthrax vaccines compulsory to soldiers who were termed 'guinea pigs' in the order. 500 in the military refused compulsory anthrax vaccine. 100 were courtmartialed.
See below.
11. Some who oppose the inflicting of suffering on mammals and birds in vaccination research labs
12. 50% of Americans in 3 polls. 2 by Associated Press and 1 by Gallup, responded that they would not get a Covid vaccine.
13. Some Libertarians
14. Compulsory contaminated vaccines for the military could harm US security
15. The term medical colonialism has been used to describe the announced plans to use Africans as guinea pigs for covid 19 vaccines.
16. Tens of millions of Americans believe that the nanoparticles in the vaccines are
microchips and that the RNA in the vaccines changes human DNA
17 Many object to the use of assisted living and nursing home residents as guinea pigs for the vaccines, since some in these groups are immuno-suppressed or have other preexisting conditions which would
magnify vaccine side effects.
18. The Glaxo Smith Kline connected covid czar has said he will not sell his GSK stock. He speaks of 'significant side effects' in the vaccine.
Japan /and France the 2 countries with strongest criticism of vaccine safety

The CDC reported 2.8 million Americans died in 2019. Other sources such as cite as of Dec 10, 2020 that the death rate is the same in 2019 and 2020, at 1.12%. People dying of preexisting conditions are being labeled covid 19 deaths.

Half of Americans in August 2020 said they would not be vaccinated

egg allergies
Russia's Sputnik V vaccine
Chinese company Sinovac Biotech Ltd is sending 1 million doses of its covid vaccine to Brazil



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