Things they can't take away and other wills to live.

You're dreams are like the airplanes 

Taking you where you want to go 

Where you need to go 

Ever little thing that you love 

Your favorite color on cakes 

The way space gives you that weird feels in your gut that there's definitely more out there like, the endless infinity of the inner workings of you're brain. 

And the strain you put yourself through trying to be and fit into ever mold people think they need you to be 

And you want to be 

Everything that you can be for them so that one day you won't be a has been. 

There has been many things taken from you but few only knew the real you, and you know that's true 


No one can take away how that first cup of cocoa or coffee makes you feel when you're down and out. 

They can't take away the sparkle of fireflies or the word presumptuous. 

Wear these things like your badges. When you've lived a war

 when all the world is telling you to lay down 

Stand up 

With these ribbons pinned to your chest and say "these things cannot be taken from me!" 

So when all else makes you feel like your foundation is crumbling from the damages of the world around you, know this for fact. 

You always have things left to live for. 

And in the end if you say you have nothing left, you never truly lived. 




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