Confidence is shining through for the first time

Although the weight of trauma makes it a climb 

A long way to go but progress is what I go after 

If you’d said I would be this personal, I’d be full of laughter

Having a speech disability to majoring in communication studies

Faking sick to avoid presentations to looking forward to being ready

No possibility of coming out to being be free from my own chains

Feeling awkward with saying hello to making friends unrestrained  

Being the last in my graduating class to maintaining a 4.0

Still find problems with myself no matter how much I grow

Can’t wait for the day I won’t be in disbelief whenever I do well

Negative thoughts and fears still linger in my mind like a jail cell 

I keep thinking I look like the same person as I was

Until I look in the mirror and have to pause 

I know I’m not alone, mind tells me to feel normal, and be like everyone else

But I now know there’s no such thing as normal and you have to be yourself

Everyone has their own story, their own battles, and their way to keep moving

Believe everything that happens is a lesson that makes you keep improving 

Learned that confidence is the biggest factor in gaining respect and success

If I don’t look back and focus on the present, I know I will keep making progress



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