My Sister

Old Poems

Jen Was always there for me, to help and teach and share with me,

When I was small she played with me and taught me the lessons that I would need,

she would read me stories about Lions And Tigers and Bears oh my!

And Magic brooms and things that could fly.

If I was scared she'd tuck me in real tight, and hold my and with all her might,

if it was hot we'd go to the store and buy icecream for her and I galore

On nice nice  days we'd go to the beach and vask in the sun and waves at our feet

If I would burn she would be there with caladril lotion and stories to share

For every action I make a moment I take to think what Jen would do,

because she is the one who knows how to have fun, and keep put of trouble to,

And every decision I make, I make with her in mind,

because I want to impress her more than anything else and I know I will in time

on this day when she take's a mate, I know that its fine it was all up to fate

I know she will always be there for me, to help and guide and share with me

I know she will make the perfect Mom in a couple of years when kids come along

I promise I will be there for them to laugh and play and share with them

And as for the bond that she and I share I have no doubt it will always be there

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for one of my sister for her weding present because I didnt have any money to buy her a present, I love her very much

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