To Risk It All

Is Love woth risking everything for? I think it is! True Love that is. I Love My "WIFE & FAMILY" so much I am risking giving up time with my children on paper to risk getting my family back, no not giving up all my time with them. Let me back up.. I am in a divorce, Yet I love my children more than life.. yes same goes for my wife as well! I have an addiction with talking to women on the computer. wether it be the right or wrong way.. I don't connect with that many guys, so I end up talking to the women.. then next thing I know we are thalikg about things I have no business talking about. and I'm not saying it's the womans fault. it's my "Addiction" I can't stop talking to women. How do I stop?!!! I do not want to loose my Wife and Kids. I have messed that up to the point that she is divorceing me. There is a dim light @ the end of this tunnel though. She tells me that there is a descent chance @ us getting back together if I can stop of my Addiction.. I Pray that I can.. I also Pray that what everyone keeps telling me is wrong... they tell me she has a boyfriend, has had him since before she threw me out, and that they don't plan on stopping seeing each other.. They say she is just using my problem as a way out of the marrage. I also Pray this is not true. it is amazing how many people will come out of the wordwork with information about your spouce during a divorce. I guess I drove her to this, but if it is true I just wish she would not tell me she's not seeing him and isn't going to. She says there is nothing happening between them in any way.. I got to hug my wife the other day.. was first time in 3 months. I liked to have cryed.. I am just so scared if this don't work I have lost my family. they are something I will never be able to replace. My Wife is a one of a kind. I will never be able to fill the void in my heart if I loose her for good.. Not to mention my children. Am I a fool? yes am I crazy? yes, I'm a Fool in love, I love her so much I'd do anything for her, I pray things work out.

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