That’s fucked up Liam.
Really England?
You dropped me to go see him?
Now you’re saying I didn’t give you any freedom?

Get the fuck up.
I don’t care if you’re strapped down.
I am tired of fucking around.
You wanted to cheat on me right?

You fucking whore
What’s real anymore?
Was that picture real?
Do you still want to Netflix and chill?

Fuck it. Im putting this entire situation on the grill
Open up this burger and drop a pill in it
Serve it to your ass. Call it nightlock
and shove you in the back of my truck

Cause you’re never going to wake up.  Tough luck
Now sit back and don’t make a cluck
You’re like a chicken. You can’t fly but you can pluck
Chuck out your feathers and shit but you tuck it. Kinda like Liam. You fucked it.

I don’t care about your feelings. I don’t give a fuck
Girl. Want to know the price of that flower bill?
Three hundred but it felt like a couple mil.
Hell. We were kids back then

Or we were until you climbed that hill
All the way up to lick Liams rich dick.
My dads name was Rick.
He doesn’t care about a fuckin chick

Should have taken a guitar pick and flicked
Guess I should have learned from my brother Nick
Smoke weed til I got sick
Flip out. Don’t even try to pout

I think we are on the same route
No one can hear you
Go ahead and shout.
I don’t doubt that you suck

If I was you I'd close my snout

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