Alex you showed me success.
Gave me a feeling of conquest
My name means powerful ruler.
I must confess

I almost gave up until you helped me see my mess
Thanks to Muckerman I’m blessed
Failures not an option. I must progress
Only thing I can handle is success

I’m tired of feeling depressed.
I can’t process this distress.
Is it karma that caused all this?
Like a rich man losing all his progress

Lost it all to his mistress
All because he was heartless
Less than a man.
All hope lost

Whatever the cost.
Tossed out by his wife
After all the strife. He would take his own life
With a sharp edged knife.

1709 that’s the address.
This kid is stuck in a trance
Heard Shady say he’s only got one chance
Wanting to ask this chick out to a dance

But he cant dance.
So he writes about the lost chance at a romance
Then discovers his circumstance
A talent that was a challenge

Fueled by gallons of hate. He began to create
Had to find his voice. He was too silent.
Had to become reliant and vibrant.
Stood up like a giant

He began to roar like a Lion
Run like a stallion.
Felt like an Italian
Ruthless but not an Idiot like Zack’s brother Talon

Proud and loud.
Earning a medallion.
Earning a following
An army that will be a battalion.

Making rhymes to overcome these hard times
Trying his best to avoid crime
Wanting voice lessons but he didn’t have a dime
Would he ever find himself at his prime

His head filled with a beat 7 days a week
ever since he had his head shoved into concreate
But this kid will never know or seek defeat
He got back up on his feet.

He heard Dre say: “You need to talk about the place to be
who you are, what you got, about a suck MC”
And to be discreet you’re in for a treat
That kid was me.

A delicacy but I would be in tangle
Saturday morning and I was to be strangled
I went to the fridge to get a fucking bagel
Yelled at so many angles

Still dealing with it all
She would have me take the fall
Told me to crawl.
I walked away from it all

Thank you Madison
I was fucked up but to me you were medicine
I was broken.
Saddened but you helped me without question

Fixing me was your intention
A restoration
Guided my hand. Navigation
Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t perfection.

When I’m gone I’m gone
Won’t look back what’s done is done
For those I forgot to mention. Thanks a ton

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