Hanging Tree

We both thought we were free.
But I was still living under the hanging tree
Negativity would breeze.
Hop into a grand pre

I cannot consider
Negativity inside.
Race around
Emotions Collide.

I tried. I won’t pick a side
You lied and I died inside
But you’re a gold digger.
A forty niner. I tried.  

I won’t pick a side
You lied and I died inside
Say I need help
Got a huge whelp

Wrapped up in kelp
Drowning by the beach
Welp, there I go again
My air has been breached

Wasn’t properly teached.
My brother’s arm started to reach
California? Where I almost drowned
but I cant be downed. Living is what I preach

Just pray my body won’t be found
Knowing how things went down
Like a stone pillar
Looking up in terror

Not at all confusing
Open your mind.
Let me run around inside
Fuck a counselor.

Let me pick you up from the ground
I won’t sit you down
Cut the crap. You’ve been misused
Kid you’ve been abused.

She thought it would help
but it didn’t. Did it?
Take that rage in and spit it
Take the hit but don’t ever forget it

It just made me remember.
My sophomore year
Early November
My mom claimed she was the master

What is freedom? Such a disaster
I need a pastor. Or do I need to go faster
Breathing down my neck.
Like I’m a wall made of plaster

I need to bypass her.
Threatening me that he would beat me
if I didn’t have all A’s and B’s.
What if I don’t want to succeed?

Even more though
I wanted to believe
I wanted some food so I could feed
I was sixteen and I couldn’t play assassins creed

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