Conjunction, a simultaneous junction.
A mouth with only one function.
Complete and utter destruction.
Grown up in a black holed suction.
No protection.

A personal reconstruction through words and action.
Put an end to all distractions.
Fixation. Concentration.
Hate that will cause obliteration.
Blowing up on my own nation.

I’m not a hero or a villain but I’m killing and chilling
and I always got this gut feeling
that I need to express it and start telling.
Probably Anti- Hero. I don’t know.

Maybe I got rabies. Mouth snarling, my life fumbling.
These words are troubling.
Hold me down. I’m struggling.
White foam spitting while I am sitting in front of the TV.

Believe me. I’m not good,
but I’m not from the hood
So I’m not evil but I hate people
I still don’t understand why these words are so lethal.

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