Romanticized images in our dreams 

A reach it may seem, yet in reality, the love is plain to see.

With tender fragility and hopes that motives don’t line askew 

The safeguard around the heart 

Not felt by one, but by two

Past perils and plunders possibly poise for more potential pain, but potent nonetheless, the pain is not the same.

Two feel it the same, though received different unto each other, the unintentional hurt that may come with loving one another.

Not like the past, the safeguards may crash, the subconscious drowns as the heart reacts. 

Leave your insecurities, at the door.

Love means nothing, if not worth fighting for.

Tender fragility, let peace wander through, 

For when you are hurt, I’ll reassure you.

The love we have.

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