No one will tear us apart

At times, I wish I knew better

It's time for cold weather,



It's been quite a time now

I'm here for a long while

It's already November,



The cold strikes the bones

This time of year, hearts can outgrow

But remember, my heart has already,

Found it's home.


I found my happiness 

I found my bliss

And yet at times, I'm still ignorant.

Like a genie, want to abide by thee

Give me your wish,

I'll always grant it.


These thoughts are demons

Vanquish them, relieve them

Your anxiety,

Let me be your freedom.


Let me be your release.

I've found my peace

And god she's too sweet, I know

She brings out the best in me.


Now we know each other

Now we love one another

I can't bear

I need you close, my dear


I'm not saving for another

I found you, my only lover

I can't bear

Don't leave me suspended in the air


I'm here for the long while

I'd do anything to see you smile


I'll always be right here


And if it takes a while

I'll still try to make you smile

I swear

I'll always be right here


Life gets so unfair

Things I never wished to be

These things...they happen to me

But a rip or a tear, bits and pieces,

I'm still here


Losing you is my only fear


So, no matter who is there

Demons or persons of whom were unaware

Or thought to be friends

I'll be here until the end

Thoughts, words, rumors, lies

Angel, the truth is in my eyes

I swear, for you I only care


If life tries to tear us apart

Our hearts won't pretend to mend

We'll find, each other

Again and again.

I swear, I'll never disappear

Wipe away, all those anxious fears

Right here, I'll be

Time and time again.

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