You missed the fireworks...


Up at the mountains and down to earth.

Gallantly striding away, carrying slivers of a dignity.

And where’s the fanfare? 

Bring in that almighty snare.

And what do you insinuate?

What were they meant to demonstrate?

Snippets of timely impressions, hoping the image stays 

A camera rolls, into a visual display.

And what about us and all that we can’t control


Bring me down to earth, a bed of ash.

Just like a firework, up and crashed. 

Every second, fading further away.

Home might be home, but you’re never meant to stay. 


Existential inquisition 

Do I just give up now?

Could speed up this inevitable position.

I won’t be selfish.

For this position we all share. 

Like a firework, I’ll fly suspended in the air.

Suspension will subside and soon I’ll be grounded.


But for now, I just don’t care.


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