Poems about my dad

I don't hate you, I can forgive.

Don't hate you, but wish I did. 

I'll forgive you, but won't ever forget.

Re-enter the scene, my life is now sweeter without you, so don't trouble me.


Welcome back, you despicable piece of crap.

Welcome back, I missed you so much dad.

Welcome to, the life that you gave me.

Raised me up, and then you left me, how you played me.

Do you regret me?

I fucking hate your guts, but I love you so.

You still have a hold on my heart, if only you saw me grow.

But you were so, so damn near.

How can you be so close yet, disappear?

Lost on you are all my, all my years.

Now you're coming back, why don't you save the tears. 

Emotional collapse, is what you caused to my now, aching soul.

I still have my heart, but you made it cold.

I learned of warmth and love throughout my crucial years.

I wondered how old I get, before you'd reappear.

I wondered if you be at my milestones... my wedding, my firstborn, my own family in our first home. 

Would you see me with my one, true inamorata?

It's hard to believe you are retrying, my lost-loved father. 

Did you know? I look so differently.

From the last time years ago, that you saw me. 

God, I am now such a different man.

I'm not the same boy you raised, so best understand. 

We can take our time, I'll let you get to know.

Your first son, the one you left alone.

I need you to know, that I have all I need. 

I've never wanted anything else, but your goddamn company. 

I've contemplated and struggled with the thought. 

You told me, you want another chance to restart.

I agreed, but I still have a wounded heart.

So slowly, we will work to piece each part.

Of the love, you showed me as a boy.

Of the trust, between us that you employed.

Of the future, with a father I'm able to see.

Love me right, and you may re-enter the scene.


My life is sweeter now without you, so don't trouble me.









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