Cut My Hair

"Cut your hair",

If that's not too much of an imposition.

Long strands, previously filled with anxious rituals.

Tie it up, when timely tension befalls.

The short strokes of my hand along my head,

The shorter time it takes me to fill my head.

But instead, my hair is long in length.

Happier now, but you just can't see my face.

The long strands have become me, dont cut my hair,

I don't wish for you to see. 

The bags under my eyes and the trauma within my past, though

It's come to pass.

Luckily, my hair can grow fast.

Shorter hair, had me at a different time,

Shorter hair, had me in a different mind.

The long strands offer solace and a home. 

Im happy now, so leave my hair alone.


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