Reconcilation, pack it up.

The relationship formed has now become two unsung.

There's compatibility to re-evaluate, hold back the tears.

Motives line up askew, words fall on deaf ears.


Vindicate, my only love

So much to blame, so much has come undone.

A rush of blood to the head, demented fears

All those years, and my words still fall on deaf ears.


Dreamt of sadisitic pleasure, it's saddening.

The impulses grow, as meaning strays away.

One last chance, a tender rose

Watch the rose, down it's color flows.

Looking rather drear,

Recumbent stature, lying on deaf ears.


Running down the nearest road.

Toxicity filled my soul and

Now I am cold.

Though, not as cold as my nearest dear.

Upright or lying down, words fall on deaf ears.





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