How do I explain this? All the feelings in the world.

How do I phrase it? When I'm spilling all my hurt.

And is there a way to change this? Scream and shout, but am never heard.


My motivation is restored, an internal movement that I've never thought I'd see anymore. But not quite like the way it worked before. It comes and goes and the days seem to perpetually slow. Can't say that I'm on a roll, the dice are just out on parole. Blinding light, losing fire that used to put up the good ole' fight. Wrong and right, the payoff is the only thing in my sight. I don't know, how I used to feel before. I wish I knew, but that person has been forgotten for. All the right reasons, though the inability I've come to sustain. Curse my name, for there are actions from which I should refrain. 


Give me a break.



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