His eyes were red, his heart yearns.

Building up a slow burn.

He's been down & under, took one too many, a plunder.

Though, his confidence grows.

Though, he knows what he knows.


It's never a steady rate, and life is just a race. 

No longer backwards the steps he takes.

Long enough he's waited for, a time and place.

Depression almost ate him whole.

What he thought he no longer craved,

Now fills his soul. 

His shadow now losing shape, watch his confidence grow.

And he knows what he knows.


Coming from the biggest high, came the lowest low, pure demise.

A face he couldn't recognize.

No matter how hard he'd try.

It was only a matter of time.

He just had to stay alive.

His performance he can reprise, strong again to his own surprise.

And much more than he realized, sight is now re-focused in his eyes.

And to God, he no longer questions's his time to redefine.

Out from the depths, where he laid low.

Out from the years, where he moved slow.

It's now time for his confidence to grow.


For he knows all that he knows,

If put to use...

Only time will show.

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