Kept Within

What is it that I demand

Use me 

For, I am an aimless man.


What is it that I feel 

Abuse me 

So I know that it is real.


What is it that I hurt over 

All over you

Luckily, solidarity is nothing new.


What is it that I say 

Hopefully enough

Hoping that one day, you’ll never call my bluff.


What is it that I do 

Everything I can 

I just truly wish to always be your man.


Utilizing confidence in confiding in my confidant. Bashing negitivity that has been put upon. Digging deeper into the perpetual depressing ambiance. Resurfaces in daylight and continues throughout the night. Choose days carefully when to let emotions excite. Every urge, every touch, every look, feels right. A man of emotions, inside his dying light, his bulb-like brain once used to shine bright. A man of emotions, and his foreboding sin, will his heart survive the night, held under his goosebump skin.

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