Dignify (Alteration)

Cute little missy full of priss

A stubborn hard shell, ya just can't miss

Kept up the act to negate the thoughts

Anxious as can be, miss prissy was


This little miss would hide in fear, would run to the bathroom, look in the mirror

And would cry tear, after tear, after so many years 

You would think she would grow with the pain 

But a mind can only become insane


Little fine miss has diminishing returns

Black lipstick, perpetual crossed arms

And an unwavering straight-ward gaze

"If feedback's blank, so is my face" 


This little miss had a whole life to blame,

listless demeanor and reflective disdain.

Her sullen mood had no one see it the same, not since the day...

Daddy up and went away


So, prissy little miss is actually no priss

Works a 9-5 with two kids

Mom rests in a specific field

And she yearns for a feeling so real

But little miss's heart is a hue of blue

Yet, she keeps on living life the way she do

She keeps on living life, somehow she do...


It's a 9,9,9,9 to 5, before you're dignified.


A 9,9,9,9 to 5, until you're dignified.

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