Sort through the proof,


A sordid truth,

Dug out of a candid youth,

With nothing to prove,

Unable to move.

Life moves much too fast, once it gets going, stuck on a one way track, the ebb of life continually flowing.

Unreliable, undeniable, inevitable,

The pain and suffering behind every two eyes is incredible.

The shadows of each day are repeatedly cast away, by nightfalls wave.

Swallowed whole.

Unable to pave way, towards an unreachable goal.

Unable to save, an unreachable soul.

In everlasting oblivion,

No wonders to behold,

So hoping to begin again. 


The wonder was the journey that brings us to the end.

All the glory rests in growing old or in a youth for one to look back on.



Welcome to oblivion, welcome to the bitter end

Welcome to nothingness, no place to ascend nor descend.


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