The Agony of Age

If I do admit, I’ve digressed from my original plan

So I regress to a state preceding the poise of a man

Childlike stature, my bearings are unjust

Relying on others is now a must.

It’s hard to identify the sins which all can see

Or the deeds that maketh me 

Human nature contains natural judgement among all others who aren’t the same 

Yet religion advocates against such judgement, so our my deeds weighed the same, though my sins abundant?

So I revert back to a state in which ignorance reigned, so I no longer judge, am no longer fazed,

By the pain of the stares and the disdain,

in the grimace of their looks

They’ll always look no matter how small the sin 

All the nooks and crannies, it doesn’t matter when,

What took place or the difference in peers 

Or the development of the mind, that wisdom has aged through the years.

I’ve become reliant, floating in space 

Grabbing onto whatever floats my way 

I dig myself a hole, and hope to be fed and  hope for a place to lay rest my head 

This life is cruel, this world is cold, I wish to be eased like a child, just anything but grow old 

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