Don’t Give Me A Way


It’s a lot of time to take, to sit & wait, don’t wait, don’t give me away.

Oh, away. A way.

I think about the times I’ve had with you, I sit and think, and think, and think, is it 

Worth all the pain to sit and wait, 

Knowing that you’ll never 

Come back again.

Is it too late?

Never will reprimand. 

Never will duplicate. 

Patch my soul, you let me go.

It’s hard to ever know, when one’s heart breaks, 

All I know, 

That it’s so cold, when you’re alone,

So keep me warm in faith.

You are home.

I abdicated, 

And lost all I had in sight,

Love has faded.

Now I’m cut, by an imaginary knife.

My wounds they bleed in shining light.

Keep me out of sight,

I don’t know what’s wrong

Or what’s right.

I just hope to hope. 

Hopes a dangerous thing, 

Builds you up and brings

Everything to a halting scream.

When those dreams, they

Crumble at the seams.

Count the days.

Work my way,

Back to you, someday.

God, let there be a way.

Let there be a way.

A way. 

Don’t give me away, away. A way.

I’m here now, I’m here for good,

I’m here to stay. 

Keep me near,

It’s hard to demonstrate my fear,

When you’re not near, you’re not here.

If the world burst into flames,

Tell me would you wash away,

All we had made.

Is my heart on my sleeve not visible 

Enough for you, invisible.

Don’t plateau our higher plain, 

Too much to say,

Taken in vain.

I only wish to save your heart, 

But truly I mean to save my own, 

Because it’s been torn apart, 

Life is lost with no home.



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