When I was younger, I blew bubbles.

And one day I got trapped inside.

Then started to float away from my family

as it took me for a ride.

I stared up at the shining sun

that didn't hurt my eyes.

and bounced across the top of a lake

giving the fish a giant surprise.

then once again I was lifted up high

singing to the birds to make them smile.

Deciding that it wouldn't be so bad

to fly up here for a while.

So for years I traveled within that bubble

as it carried me all around

and I swer people watched me enviously

for they were trapped upon the ground.

Until one day I floated far

all the way to Egypt where I met a boy

We didn't speak the same language

but we spoke with pictures and a talking toy.

One day he showed me a picture

of us both flying away.

So I dragged him within my bubble

and ran with the day.

I stayed with this boy until

we both grew old

Slowly creating our own language

and laughing at stories we told

Until one day he passed away

leaving me all alone

and I wished for nothing more

than to just go home.

And I just kept getting older

as I floated in my bubble across the map.

And died within it

only to awaken from my nap.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dream I had once.

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