The Goat King's Concubine

Hedi (Häschen) loved Heini and that was that.  

They went out dancing, as the nations began to fall,

As if nothing else would matter!

The goat king's hooves made a noisy clatter,

Ringing out loud in the polished marble hall,  

Of the castle of the spear.

Hedwig basked in the black sun's rays

In Niederhagen's bloodbath, she bathed,

Bearing kids for her king.

Her memory will forever ring,

In the annals of those damned

By the shadows of the spear.

Temptress, mistress and concubine

She served iced tea to the murderer.

And joined him in the pagan dance,

Thrilled, in the thrall of the dismal lance.

The toasted hostess of the massed mass killers,

In the temple of the spear.

The world turned on, on a new axis,

And the black sun was eclipsed.

Heini died in flight, by his own hand,

In the ruin he helped bring to his own homeland.

The poised archpoisoner, poisoned.

While foreign hands took the spear.

The Goat king, a perfectionist to the end.

The gold rimmed monster's last resort,

Was marred by his perfect, fake, passport,  

Which simply wasn't tattered.

While the bells of the land struck the zero hour

As if that really mattered.

Hedi, Hedwig, Häschen…..

She has used many names since then

Hiding or hidden?  Living or dead?

With or without the two she-goats she bred?

The answers may lie in some foreign land,

Or in the new vault of the spear.

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