My Meeting With Satan

I  met Satan on Thursday

It was just after dark

In the Bismarckallee

Near the back of the park

He was near the old bench

Where the old alkie sat

Until someone handed him that brake fluid

He'd been looking for business

From the girls working there

But fell foul of the pimp

And those boys don't fight fair

Despite all the blood

I knew him at once

As only I could

We were at the same school

I helped him up and dusted him off

He licked his own wounds

Which quite put me off

While my dog yammered pitifully in the bushes

Presently he spoke

"My wallet is gone, let’s get out of the cold

We'll talk of old times

And your soul, is it sold?"

So I told him the story of the house and the car

The factories in China and the global bazaar

The mortgage

The overdraft

The hole in the roof

The court case

My girl‘s brace

And the new septic tank

In a shortened summation

Of my soul's desperation

I'd almost forgotten

My masters

The Bank

"Ah yes"

He replied

Goat eyes filled with tears

"The vampires of finance

The worst of my fears!"

"Those bastards never let go!"

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