The Global Sell Out

We’re are all bought and sold

Daily, more cattle than men

Our livelihoods and standards erode

While our leaders count the Yen

Terrorised, globalised, tranquilised and then?

In war hunger and disease

Obedient, we serve the self servers

Who, smile, eager to please

The dumbed-down voters

Whilst selling us like futures

The industrialist spends the grant

Tax dollars to buy off usery

Then moves the entire plant

On wheels greased with bribery

To nations, in the nineteenth century

There children and adults live like slaves

Working the mines and infernal mills

Then land, unmourned, in early graves

While employers bathe in dollar bills

Untroubled by union or western ills

Take control, use all of your might

To stop the western world from rotting

I don’t mean your vote, it’s power is slight

Compared with the power of your spending

So finds the Global sell-out, ending

Buy nothing from your enemy

Buy nothing from his friend

The money they’d spend on an army

Speculators and brokers, they would send

A carpet bagger army, buying our end

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