Urbane Nightmare

The city, is a five thousand year old experiment which has gone horribly wrong.

Castrated-mankind’s entire shame encapsulates in one word,


These festering sores which poison all the seas

And the land for a thousand miles around,

Need treatment!

Amputation, cauterization, take your pick.

Do nothing and the entire organism will die.

Mankind, the omnivour ape with opposable thumbs,

Seeking security in high-rise caves,

finding only death,

disease and




Tower builders,

Worshiping the Gods of engineering.

Taunting the heavens in our insolence.

Whatever your world view,

The misery remains.

The fire will come!

God’s riteous indignation,

Or thermo-nuclear war?

I just hope I don’t live long enough to know which one!

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