The Eyes Of A Child - Quintain

I would like to see the world once more.

Through the eyes I had as a child.

Eyes unsullied by hatred and war.

Eyes reflecting the soul inside.

Eyes behind which a lie cannot hide.

To see the world as if it were new.

Would that not be a fine thing?

Open mind, open heart, learning all anew.

No malice, no prejudging.

No cold assessment of the value of everything.

I see the world now, new coloured.

Shades learnt, built on predjudice.

Now Alladin, exotic, full robed.

Has the colour and form of a terrorist.

His pretty wife and family, a rats nest?

I cannot return to the childlike state.

In a world filled with colour and wonder.

My own children, slowly, learn mistrust and hate.

And that a Christian should love his neighbour.

How can we do both? Ask your prophet or saviour!

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