Magna Carta

It may have been signed under undue duress,

But King John signed it and I must confess,

That right up until his dying breath,

It was the best thing he’d ever done!

I saw it once as a kid,

In a deep, air conditioned, steel vault,

Behind five inches of armoured glass.

This basis of all our freedoms,

The keystone of the English state,

Where no man is above the law,

And the courts decide his fate.

The charter battered and tried by time,

Was adopted as a bill of rights,

Throughout the British commonwealth

And even by the rebellious states.

The "Great Paper" contains many clauses,

But two of these are freedoms keys,

The right of "Habeus Corpus"

And the banning of all private Armies.

These freedoms hard won

Through many centuries of slaughter,

Are all but gone,

If you'll just consider Blackwater.

But if mercenary armies cause you no dismay,

You'll probably never see Guantanamo bay.

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