Valentine Won't Be Mine


Don't know where I went wrong

How or why

This had to happen

All I know is

My heart is breaking

Soul is shattering

The agony of losing you

Simply mind numbing

Now that




Valentine won't be mine

Lost my love

Lost my sanity

All in a single heartbeat

My bliss

Turned to 

Just so much piss

To the lack

You felt

I was blind

And now I am broken


Valentine won't be mine


Damaged beyond

All repair

In the dark

In an endless despair

All dressed up

In my pretty wear

Going nowhere

Cause I don't have you anymore

You've slipped away

And slipped me on igore

Such a harsh chore





I was true

Now I'm blue

Ghost of my past

You are such an ass

Won't give me another chance

So lame

Without money

Said I can't be your honey

So here's wishing you

The most unwell

Hope someday

I'll see you again

In Hell

When I'm singing this song

Over how you did me wrong


chorus 2X


2024 Ramona Thompson


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