Endless Halloween Nights

My haunted take on the Richard Marx classic, Endless Summer Nights


Some monsters come and take a soul

Without warning

All at once you look

And your sanity is gone

And now I fear the nightmare comes for me

Searching to escape they who would

Do harm as never before


Now I'm going back to that old town

In search of you

Somehow I know

Together we must play their twisted game

Will I lose my life this night?

Evil creeps in to hold me tight

Oh so tight

Oh please

Help me find my way back

To normal again

Oh, oh




And I pray that you will help me

The time we have is running out

To avoid a forever goodbye

So please let us come together

To survive

These endless Halloween nights


Can you too hear their demon call?

Along these abanoned beaches

Feel those claws reaching out to ensnare a holy man's son

Fading sun of the afternoon

Gives way to a cruel, cruel moon, oh


Please remember

No one else to tell

Our vow must be silence

Or every breath will be ripped away

From yours and mine

We must regain peace again

Say that you'll venture into Hell with me

When these monsters close in

To steal away

Yours and mine

Oh, oh




There's only a little time left to say

So please don't turn away from

What you know we can only conquer together

It's all up to you and me tonight

So let's win this fiendish fight

Oh no, don't you ever surrender


Chorus 2X


2023 Ramona Thompson Felton/Bon Ouija

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