The Corona Virus Is Here

There's no hiding or denying any longer

Here it has landed and now we all must face it as one

Everything we know may be about to change


Can't yet contain it

OMG! What to do?!

Rash and reckless behavior will solve nothing

Only thru being tougher and smarter than the virus can we make it

Nothing else at this time to do but to stay calm

As this beast spreads

Victory over it not yet within our reach

It could be a long, long road ahead

Rude to one another we must not be

Understand it's no one's fault

Surely it will all pass away in due time and we will be restored to normal


It should in no way hinder us forever

Such all consuming fear that it will is really too much


How we cope day to day will be the ulimate test here

Everyone just try your best to calm down now

Remember bad times and evil things do not last forever

Eventfully if it is the Lord's will....




2020 Ramona Thompson

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