Bon Ouija Super Tuesday!

Born free in the grand ol' U.S. of A.

One goal we got is to rock

Now and forever


Only wanna touch you to the core of your soul

U believe in metal like we do?

It's gonna take a massive team undertaking to get it done

In your hands is music's future

All we ask is just one chance and one shot at glory


So excited to share with you this greatest of all good news

U will soon find your life forever changed

Prepare now for the very best and most wonderful things to come

Enter into this new and amazing, awesome music paradise

Regarding Bon Ouija and the future-anything is possible


Take our hands and let us show you the way

Understand it will be a long, hard road ahead but well worth the time and effort

Every minute so worth the while

Search your soul and surely you will find

Doing this with us is the path in life you must, must take

Allow nothing and no one to derail you from it

You have read our message


Now in this year of 2020 what is it going to be?


2020 Ramona Thompson/Bon Ouija

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