You're The Bad Guys. It's What You Do!

To all scammers!


You do it everyday

Over and over begging

U seem to know no honest way of living

Reaching always for other's blessings instead of chasing your own

Eternal your evil cycle has spun on and on


This must end

Here and now I am warning you

Everyone including you has ghosts that in time will return to haunt them


Best believe and stop your wicked ways now

Another minute your greed is not going to endure

Dead one way street you're running down


God has foreseen your worst nightmare

U have no hope left for a good and normal life

Your selfish greed has consumed you

Slowly sending you on your way to Hell from which there will be no escape


It's inexcusable how you live

There is simply no way around the truth

Scammer you are pure and total e-v-i-l


Wild and untamed

In your innermost heart no true good lives

Life is for the innocent not the guily like you to live

Deadly preying on others too native to know any better


You are a most pitful and foul thing

Oh how I wish you would see the error of your ways

U still to this day refuse and I just can't understand why


Dare to live a more honest kind of life?

Oh yes I dare you to!


2020 Ramona Thompson

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