The Day Kobe's Helicoper Went Down

Tears we cried and endless questions we ask

Hard so hard to believe forever he is gone

Everyday pray to wake up to find it was all just some cruel joke


Dream never comes true

As many times we we wish for it

You know the horrible outcome always remains the same


King of our hearts and b ball courts forever

One legend that will for certain never die

Best believe that!

Eternal his game will play on

Stirring the angel's emotions in Heaven same as he once did on earth


Heaven now has the best and so we cannot be too angry

Eventfully one day a blissful reunion will come

Let us until then count the many blessings he and the others bestowed upon us while still here

It is a great loss, yes, but a wound that in time we can heal

Can't just give up on life after a tragic passing

Oh no

Please pull it together and in time try to move forward

The best in our lives may yet be to come

Everlasting we must hold fast to hope

Regardless of the horror and the grief we now feel


What has been done cannot be undone and so let us live as they would have wished for us to

Every day as bright and happy as all the victims once lived

Now we must carry on and do that same

The best that we can in order to honor them and their memories


Don't let them down

On your own any way that you can everyday 

With love and respect to all your fellow human beings

No more hate but love's almighty power spread


2020 Ramona Thompson

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