Ramona and A Baby Carriage

Inspired by one too many people on social media telling me that I simply must have a baby!


Really you should know better than to stick your nose where it don't belong in her life

Allow her some breathing room

Making of yourself nothing but a fool here

Owes you nothing at all

None of your business if she has kids or not

All your nagging and begging will never make her pump out a baby she does not want


All you will do in persisting is to to make her madder than the Hulk with a stick up his butt!

Now please won't you just shut up about it?

Don't you understand that it is none of your business?


A stranger you are and a creepy one at that


Back off or get reported for harassment

All people are not made to want the same things as you

Bitter taste you leave with your crude nature

You really need to check your own life before you go checking someone else's


Can you really feel no shame for your bullying and too nosy ways?

Ask yourself how you would feel if someone did this same thing to you

Really would suck would it not?

Reckless in thoughts, words and your actions do not be

It is no way to keep or make friends I assure you

Alone you will find yourself all too fast if you do not ease up

Go with a different flow

Eventfully I pray you will find a way to overcome what this is.....



Just sheer stupid rudeness!


2019 Ramona Thompson

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