It's A Bon Ouija New Year!

Note-still taking volunteers for my Bon Jovi dark metal themed youtube music project so expect many promo poems to come! Interested? Just ask!


It's all under our control

This heavy metal destiny

Surely you can hear it calling your name


All about the rock and the roll we are


Born to be superstars

One path we follow

Never ever to sway from


On your mark, get set, rock!

U got what it takes to kick their teeth in?

If you do then you are the one we want

Just call or text



Now or never?

Everything awesome is on the line

What are you gonna do?


You alone hold the key to the future

Either you will unlock this door or you won't

All we can do is pray you make the right choice

Reach for the sky or stay the same on the same boring, safe ground?


2019 Ramona Thompson/Bon Ouija



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