Live Life As A Man

Note-for every man on soical media or in life who refuses to grow up!


In this new year

If over the age of 18

Do not dare

To call yourself a boy

You are a man and will act as such

No begging!

No pleading or asking!

Seeking money or gifts from others

Get up instead

Off your lazy butt!

Go out!

Get a j-o-b!

No more excuses!

Grow up or else

Sick of your scams

Your selfish get rich quick schemes and crying over fake deaths

Crying that your goverment is bad

Shifting the blame

Anywhere but on you

Now is the time

Someone at last

Stood up and told you

What's what

How life is

How its gonna be

No, son, you ain't better than any of the rest of us

So quit your belly aching

Ask neither me nor anyone else

For nothing!

Help your own damn self

Or get nothin!

Nothin' at all!

2019 Ramona Thompson

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