The Christmas Forest

There are secrets never meant to be shared

Hard truths many will never understand no matter how hard we try

Everywhere here these trees listen and take in the tales they have heard


Captured spirits here linger in a holiday limbo

Hushed and silent they watch the mortal kind shuffle on by

Remembering the time long ago when they too toiled the human coil

In silence they share glances of mutal understanding

There can be no doubt what goes on here must be kept forever here

Men must never spread to the rest of the world the curse that is trapped here

Allowed never ever to leave some must be surrendered to the cause

So that the rest may know the peace of their rose colored glasses


Fear abounds

Onward they keep watchful, praying eyes

Restless always for never can they cease to protect

Everything good and pure in our world that depends upon them

So it goes on and on eon after eon after eon

The Christmas Forest quite but forever watching and waiting


Waiting for the final defeat of evil so we may all human and spirit alike one day be....




2019 Ramona Thompson

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