The Christmas Chills

The cold sweeps in ever closer tonight

Hard to remain still for the fear grips so very tight

Eager as a lover to declare its immortal intentions


Chill after chill races up the spine

Heeding the warnings of ghostly voices I quickly hide away

Relentless I can feel them coming

In desperate search of a soul to overcome and posess

Seen by no one else but me

These shadows taunt and smile

Making of my courage

A false mockery

Searching high, low and all over I can feel them endlessly seeking me


Captured by evil I pray I will never be, but if it is to become so

Here is my tale as a warning to beware for whoever next comes to live in this tortured place of broken dreams

It is hungry and always waiting to be fed

Long it has lived as this unholy thing

Long it will still remain here after we are all gone

Seeking yet one more soul to steal when you feel....


The Christmas Chills!


2019 Ramona Thompson

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