Christmas On The Side

Can't do this anymore

Have to find some pride somehow

Ruined enough holidays crying over you

So many broken promises you have made and never kept

This time I'm done and not looking back

Made up my mind I will no longer settle for being second best

And so at your holiday party I'll be breaking the news to your wife

Surprise! You won't be getting away with your deception another holiday!


Oh how wrong you have been to string me along all this time

No more!


The time has come for me to stand up for myself at last

Had enough of you and your silly reindeer games

Eternal I ain't hangin' onto a dream that will never come true


So best get ready cause

I'm coming and its not a bag full of presents I'm bringing

Drama! Drama! Drama!

Eager to eager to rob you of your holiday cheer....


Just the same as you have robbed me of hope and a better life....year after lonely year.....


2019 Ramona Thompson

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