The Christmas Creature In The Woods

The beast still cries out deep in the holiday night

Haunted by a past it cannot escape

Eternally damned by a vast and ghoulish curse


Caught in a time warp

Hate and despair consumed

Racked by guilt

It can never leave this forest and so seeks victims to join in its misery

Monster of mayham it has become

A figure hunched and so evil that even it can longer pretend it is human

Soaked in legend and myth


Can you seperate the fact from the fiction?

Run from this Hell if you think you can

Everyone else who has seen it and dared to try to escape....

All have failed!

The creature is quite hungry you know and also so embrassed by what it has become

U can be assured it wants none of the truth of it to ever leave this lonely place

Reckless fools who dare enter its realm find all too soon and too late

Every urban legend leaves its bloody mark whenever and wherever it can


It is now issued a warning to please beware

No going back if you dare to enter into this devil's unholy domain

The story has never been revealed until here today for a reason

Hell is very, very real and it is to be found in this creature

Embraced by the devil himself as his own demonic seed


What of your body, mind and soul dare you risk to uncover the truth of it?

Oh woe unto thee who heed not our words

Offer open only for a limited time to save you from yourself

Don't be so foolish as to not take it

Surrender not to the urge to see this nameless thing for yourself or....


Your soul very well be dammned

His to consume!


2019 Ramona Thompson

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