Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

An original song by my band, Bon Ouija



For all eternity

Now I feast

Upon the flesh of the living

Unhappy horror days

My constant companion of sorrow and pain

Upon a sleigh of terror I ride




Warning unheeded

I ate the yellow snow

Oh now Santa will never again

Ho, ho, ho


Cause oh Hell no!

I ate him and all his reindeer up tonight

After digesting

In a bloody glee

Too much of Hell's yellow snow

And so now

It's on with the devil's bitter Winter show


Cut down

In my prime

Yellow slime

Glowed so bright

Just like that reindeer's pretty little nose


Found I could not resist

Fast it took hold of my sanity and undressed my mind

Oh God

What a mess

When a cannibal gobbles up everyone on your Christmas wish list




Oh Lord

What has become of me?

Just ate my best friend

For dinner

Under that miserable mistletoe

Sopped up his blood

With silver tinsel and wrapping paper

Then I ate that too

Must have a screw loose somewhere

For who ever would

Jingle bell devour

All the brains around




Hell yeah

Now it's a massacre on 34th street

Got all the good people 

On the run

From my horror day appetite unleashed

It's a nasty ol' Xmas time show

One I ain't about to slow

Caught in the grip of

Eating all that yummy yellow

Not so mellow

Cannibal snow


Chorus 2X


2019 Ramona Thompson/Bon Ouija

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