The Bon Ouija Angel Tree

The rock n roll is on the rise

Hero of heavy metal we await you

Eternal upon this stage


Born to rock and shine

Only you can save the world from the hip hop danger it is in

No other will do and so most urgent we urge you


Open your mind and expand your horizons this holiday season

U have a destiny and this is it

In glory beside us forever won't you come to stand?

Joined with the ulimate heavy metal force

Ain't no way you can ever lose in life again


Angels ache to sing your praises

Not disappointing them would be a really awesome start to your new musical life

God willing you will soon find your way to us and the fame awaiting you

Every minute that passes brings us all so much closer to our shared fate

Let nothing and no one stand in the way of this dream


The crowd is gathering slowly but surely chanting your name

Ready for you to rock them as they have never been rocked before

Enter now this heavy metal realm if you dare to

Embrace the rock superstar so long buried deep within


Note-We are still seeking volunteers for our Bon Ouija dark themed metal project. All are welcome to write if interested!

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