Christmas, Come On! A Holiday Collection!

A holiday rewrite of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On


Every night in my sugarplum dreams

I see it

I crave it

This is why I shout


Come on!


Too far from now I feel the distance

Where are the presents promised us?

Santa, won't you please hurry and come on?!





Not enough!


Way too!

I really, really wish Christmas would hurry and come on

Why once once a year does Santa come to my door?

Been so good this year

Pure of soul and heart

Oh Christmas won't you come on

Hurry and come on


This holiday

I adore everytime

Wish so bad

It came more than once a year

In my lifetime

Cause I swear

If it did

I'd hold on and I'd never let go


Love, oh Christmas, how I do love you

One truth boldly I hold onto

Into my life won't you hurry and come on




Its here!

Oh what joy!

All the holiday cheer!

And I know Christmas in my heart 

And in my memory

Will always live on and on

If only it could stay forever this way

Holiday forever in my heart

Yes, Christmas lives on and on!


2019 Ramona Thompson


Knockin' On Your Christmas Door


Rewrite of Bob Dylan's Knockin' On Heaven's Door


Baby, please don't take your love away from me

I would surely miss you forever more

So don't let it get dark

Too dark to see

That I still love you

And I'm here

Knockin' at your Christmas door




Knock, knock knockin' at your Christmas door

Knock, knock knockin' at your Christmas door

Knock, knock knockin' at your Christmas door

Honey yeah


Baby, let's bury this fight under the ground

I don't wanna argue anymore

Gotta stop that long black cloud comin' down

Cause here I am

If you can forgive

Knockin' at your Christmas door


Chorus 3X


Oh honey please


2019 Ramona Thompson

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