Happy Bon Ouija Columbus Day!

Heavy metal is soon to be rediscovered

And just like America made great again

Please won't you come sail away with us to this lost paradise?

Prepare for the trip of a lifetime

Yours and ours


Break with the old and come embrace with us the new

One bold step at a time

Now is the best time of all for new worlds to emerge and grow


Only you can make this happen

U alone hold the power that we need

In your hands is the future of all Bon Ouija can and will be

Just set a course

And we will handle all the rest


Come one, come all to your destiny calling

Open arms reach out to hold you

Let us hold back from one another never again

Us and u could be such a perfect combo

Make that move and surely you will never ever regret it

Break the dawn of a new day and a new hope with us

Use your musical gifts to forever change this dark and cruel world

So many good things together don't you know we can do?


Dare you to resist and never unleash your true power?

A damn shame that would be

You deserve so much better


Don't you agree?


2019 Ramona Thompson/Bon Ouija

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