I'm The Boss Bitch In Town!

I won't take no bs laying down

Make a rude comment and watch me in a fury clap right on back


The baddest bad ass isn't the one who can only dish it out, but the one who can take it as well

However bad you think you are, I promise I'm 10000 times better

Eternal in my reign as queen over all I see and command here


Better step back if you don't wanna get your head wrecked

One on one I ain't afraid to take all of ya on

Super kick butt chick of the world

So wicked I make even death himself shake


Blow into my town trying to do harm and I'll blow you right back out again

It's me against the bullies, shammers and scammers of the world today

Taking names and kicking major ass as I go along

Can you handle me?

Ha! I did't think so!


It's my party and hey there Mr. Bully, you'll cry if I order you to

No more of your lame excuses for your bad behavior


This time we're fighting back

Owe you some major hurt for all the pain over the years you have inflicted

What goes around comes around, don't you know?

Now is the time and the place the victims rise up and demand their due


Led by me



The new boss bitch in town!


2019 Ramona Thompson

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