Friends Theme Song Rewrite

From my upcoming music project-Bon Ouija-comes a creepy rewrite of the Friends' tv theme song


The Ouija Comes For You


By Ramona Thompson and Bon Ouija


Too late now

You did't listen

Now it all must end for you

In a most terrible way

This is no joke

For sure

Your spine will be broke

Yes, your life force

Soon to be


Bon Ouija evil spell

Sneaking up from the rear

Stalking your every day, week, month

Hungry to swallow your fear





The ouija comes for you

(Oh yes, the blood will start to pour)

Tonight the ouija comes for you

(And you will scream as you never have before)

Tonight the ouija comes for you

(No, there will be nowhere safe for you to escape to)


Counting down slow from ten

Does this neverending fear make you ache?

I'm yearning for you

To be my monster's breakfest

No, can't run too far

Once my chainsaw has cut thru

Things won't be lookin' too great

If only your mother had warned you

There would be fiends like this

Now far too late to save you

The horror has brought you down to your knees





2019 Ramona Thompson/Bon Ouija

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