Look What The Ouija Summoned In!

New single from Bon Ouija, a dark themed youtube tribute to Bon Jovi.


Here the band takes on a Poison classic in this rewrite of Look What The Cat Dragged In


Midnight came

And we made a terrible choice

Now it's far too late

Got the devil on us

Just like a monsoon

Our poor heads are spinnin'

And no you can't blame it on too much booze

Cause we don't drink and we ain't crazy


Got a bad feelin' tonight

Somethin' bad is crawlin' outta the gutter

Ready to drag us

One by one

Into the grave

Will we ever again see home?

Or is this the end of our days?




Oh my God!

Look what the ouija summoned in

Undead life

On the chase

Forcing us to pay for

Sin after sin

Night rolls on and in fear we all quake again

Oh my God!

Look what the ouija summoned in


No good to come of this Hell

Haunted by the living dead

Losing all my hope in the sunlight

I got a ghoul on the left of me

Another ghoul on the right

And I know damn well they're both

Out to steal my soul tonight




2019 Ramona Thompson/Bon Ouija

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